Unblock Blocked websites on Your PC in just 2 minutes.

Hello Friends. In most of the cases In your office, schools, college, You will feel some restrictions on some special websites to search. These are called Proxy sites. Then You google for any method to unblock blocked websites in your pc. If you are a tech friendly person then you can solve this problem easily.

But If you are a non-technical person then It will be a difficult job for you to unblock blocked websites. So Here I will explain two very simple methods to resolve this problem. After the solution you can unblock youtube, facebook and other sites easily.

Solution To Unblock Blocked Websites

The Solution is VPN. VPN means Virtual Private Network. A Virtual Private Network is a connection method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet. Virtual Private Networks are most often used by corporations to protect sensitive data. VPN hides your IP address and gives you a better way to surf blocked websites. In this article We will discuss two most popular VPN extension for Google Chrome. Here we go.

(A) Betternet :


Step 1. Search on google “Unlimited free vpn betternet”. You will find the very first website for this extension. Click on website and click on “Add to chrome”.

search on google

Step 2. Click on “Add to Chrome”.

click on add to chrome

Step 3. Click on Add Extension.

add extension

Step 4. It will be downloaded.

It will be downloaded

Step 5. Check Icon on Right corner of Chrome window and Click on ‘connect’.

click on icon and click on connect

Step 6. It will be connected. Now you can search any blocked websites.



(B) HOXX :


The second VPN extension is “Hoxx”. Search on google “Hoxx for Chrome”. Rest of the process is same like ‘Betternet’. But you will need a email id to register in HoXX VPN. You will get so many countries in option to connect. So connect through any country according to your interest. Normally Australia and US works very fine.

I hope It will really help You. Now you know how to unblock a website on Google Chrome. But Please do not use these methods If there are strict rules for searching on internet.

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