Typing Software LukeTypingPro || Update 1.9 (Numeric Typing)

Hello to all. We have launched the next update for LukeTypingPro Hindi-English Typing software that is Update 1.9

In most of the exams or in daily life there is need of numerical typing to be fast. Whether it is for any bank exams or any Ldc exam or just in your accounts office..You must enough fast to type these numerical character. These charcter are on the keypad on laptop or keyboard. Character are following : ( 1234567890.+- )

numerical typing luketypingpro

So Here is the Update 1.9 of Luketypingpro Typing Software :


Click here to Watch the Tutorial video for Numerical Typing :

So We have prepared 4 (Four) very special practice sets for You to type fast these numerical keys on your keyboard.

So First of all Download Luke Typing pro Update 1.9 from here :

After downloading and installing the software, please click on “Numeric Typing” Button in the software.

luketypingpro update 1.9

Now You will see four (4) Special exercises and practice sets for numerical typing practise. Please be continue on typing practice.

luketypingpro numeric practices

More Features coming soon in Update 2.0


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