SUMMIT Supercomputer (Fastest Supercomputer of the World)

If You think about SuperComputer then You will also think about the Fastest supercomputer of the World. So Here is the complete details about Fastest supercomputer of the world “SUMMIT”.

Summit supercomputer or OLCF-4 is a supercomputer developed by IBM for use at Oak Ridge National Laboratory,America, which as of August 14, 2018 is the fastest supercomputer in the world.Before SUMMIT , the fastest supercomputer was “Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer” from China. So Now first position came back to America.

SUMMIT can perform 200 petaflops, or 200,000 trillion calculations per second, Which is more than doubles the top speeds of Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer , which can reach 93 petaflops. Summit is connected by 185 miles of fiber optic cables and Summit’s file system can store 250 petabytes of data, or the equivalent of 74 years of high-definition video. The size of SUMMIT is very big . SUMMIT supercomputer occupy 5,600 square feet of floor space, So Summit is the size of two tennis courts.Summit is more than 1 million times more powerful than the fastest laptop in the world.To keep Summit from overheating, more than 4,000 gallons of water are pumped through the system every minute, carrying away nearly 13 megawatts of heat from the system.

Summit supercomputer consists of 4,608 compute servers, each of which has two IBM Power9 CPUs running at 3.1GHz with 22 processing cores running in parallel. That’s over 200,000 CPU cores across all of Summit.Each pair of Power9 chips is connected to six Nvidia Tesla V100 graphics chips (GPUs). In total, the system also features more than 10 petabytes of memory (RAM).

Summit supercomputer made for use in artificial-intelligence (AI) applications, like machine learning and neural networks.However Summit’s initial uses will include work on astrophysics, cancer research, fusion energy, and addiction treatment.

Supercomputer Developed by IBM till now..


The Naval Ordnance Research Calculator — (1954)

IBM 7030 –(1961)

IBM 360 –(1966)

Deep Blue –(1997)

Blue Gene –(2004)

Roadrunner –(2008)

Watson –(2011)

Sequoia –(2012)

Summit –(2018)

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But you know In future there will be a supercomputer named Frontier, will be released in 2021 with an expected peak performance of 1 exaflop, or 1,000 petaflops. More and More powerful than SUMMIT.