Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts to Make Browsing SuperEasy

Hello to all. We all do internet browsing mostly every day. But Now we will learn some special mozill firefox shortcuts to make your browsing supereasy. These tips will make you a Pro, and You will really get a special attention of others after acquiring these special skill of internet borwsing.

So let’s Start.

(1) F5 = F5 is used to refresh the browser. If some content is not loading properly then you can use F5 key to refresh the page.

(2) F11 = You can view you web page in fullscreen mode by pressing F11 key in you keyboard. When You again press F11 key then it will come in normal mode again.

(3) ESC = If something is loading in your web page but you donot want more time to wait then press “ESC” key in your keyboard to stop loading of that content.

(4) SpaceBar = Moves down a webpage at a time. Use Shift+Spacebar to moves up a webpage at a time.

(5) Alt+Home = It will show your default Home Page in Browser.

(6) Alt+LeftArrow = It will show you last page which you opened recently.

(7) Ctrl+”+” = By pressing Ctrl + plus sign in your keyboard, you can increase font size of your webpage.

(8) Ctrl+”-“ = By pressing Ctrl+ minus sign in your keyboard, you can decrease font size of you web page.

(9) Ctrl+D = By pressing this combined key, you can add any webpage in your Bookmark List. You can add that webpage in your Bookmark Toolbar also.

(10) Ctrl+F = You can find any text in the webpage by pressing this combined key.

(11) Ctrl+J = Download Window will be opened.

(12) Ctrl+N = For opening New Tab in New Window.

(13) Ctrl+T = For opening New Tab in same window.

(14) Ctrl+O = To open any files in Mozilla Firefox.

(15) Ctrl+Enter = It is used to complete a address automatically. For example Type only “technoguruamit” and then press Ctrl+Enter, It will be completed automatically as “”

(16) Ctrl+Tab = You can move among opened tabs in a window.

(17) Ctrl + Shift + Del = It will open “clear Data window” , and you can delete your private data as cookies, history etc.

(18) Ctrl + Shift + B = It will open Bookmarks window which will show all your bookmarks.

(19) Ctrl + Shift + T = It will undo a recenlty closed window by you. It is really useful tips for anyone.

So how is that…I think These mozilla firefox shortcuts will really help you in internet browsing. Just practice these shortcuts for one week, and you will get them in your habit. So go ahead and make your impressions in your office.