Make your Computer Faster || Apply These Simple Steps

In most of the cases it is seen that we just open our laptop or PC and start to work. We donot check other things regularly which make our computer faster. There are Some very simple steps which can be applied on any computer or laptop to make them faster or superfast. So In this post I am going to show you some very simple steps which will turn your computer like “Usaine bolt” boleto computer SuperFast.

Here are the steps to Make your Computer Faster :

(1) Disk CleanUp Tool :


In this step I will tell you that how to clean your computer/laptop using Disk Clean Up function.Here we go

  • Now open Disk Clean up by searching on Cortana the name”Diskcleanup”

Press OK button. And you will see a new window again will come out (which shows the processing or scanning for errors, temp files, thumbnails, and others extra material that taken some spaces on your hard disk).

When scanning process completes, then you will watch a new box come out again which will ask you to select the check boxes which you want to delete and make space free to turn your computer faster. Please Tick on all option like this.


After checking/ticking all the boxes, click on the OK button.

diskcleanup clickok

After pressing OK button, your computer ask for confirmation. Click on the Delete Files button.

make computer fast without antivirus

After Pressing Deleting Files button. Your computer starts deleting all unwanted files and errors to make your computer run faster. Wait for a while. Waiting depends on “the Amount your computer is slow”. After deleting unwanted files and errors it will escaped out automatically

(2)  Disk Defragment


To perform Disk Defragmentation, search in Cortana “Defragment”.

A new window will show ie. Disk Defragmenter Window like this :

make laptop fast without antivirus

Now Click on C Drive then Click Analyze Disk button. Repeat this process for every drive then click on Analyze disk button.

clean computer

Now wait for a while until your disk’s analyzation will complete. After complete analyzation process. You will watch how much your disk is fragmented.

clean laptop

If your disk is fragmented, then select disk and click Defragment Disk button.

defragment cleanup computers and laptops

Now Your disk defragmentation will starts processing. Wait for it (time depends on “how much your disk is fragmented”). After completing this process. Your will watch that 0% fragment in font of the disk in the defragment window. Now your disk is fully defragmented.

(3) Delete Temporary Files


In this step we will delete temporary files from C drive. Here are the steps to follow:

Search for “run” in Cortana.

  • Type %temp%
  • Now press ENTER

After performing the above action, a new window will come out containing all your computer’s temporary/unwanted files and folders. Delete all files or simply press Ctrl+A, then press Shift+Del.

After applying these settings, I am sure that you will feel the performance because these will make your computer faster. Try this and share it with your friends if You like this. Have a nice day.