How to increase Internet Speed in Windows 10

Hello Friends. Everyday You search a lot of things on internet by google or other search engines..Sometimes you download Your favourite movie through internet..But when the internet speed slows down then It really sucks. So You again search another things on internet likes How to increase internet speed in computer, How to increase internet speed in windows 10 , Internet speed booster , how to increase internet download speed, how to get faster internet etc..

So finally Here is the solution for your query. In this post I will tell you a simple setting, which will boost your internet speed 4x faster. It will take only 1 minute of your to boost the internet.

so Let’s do it.

(1) First of all check your current internet speed in your computer by following link :

(2) Note the speed which you get from above link. You can also use another speed checker site or software. No issue. 

(3) Now Open “Network and Sharing center” of your computer.

(4) Click on “Change Adapter setting”.

(5) Do Right click on Ethernet or any other network which you are using for internet and choose Properties option.

(6) Now Search for “Internet Protocol version 4” in the list and again click on “Properties” tab.

(7) Go to “Use the following DNS server address” and change according below :

fill dns address here

Preferred DNS Server :

Alternate DNS Server :

And click on “ok” button

(8) Come out from setting page. And recheck the internet speed after few seconds from the same link which you used before for speed testing.

(9) Your speed has been increased now.

So I think now you are able to increase internet speed in windows 10. You can also use this technique in others windows version to increase internet speed.

Enjoy and Thanks to read.

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