Free Windows Activation || Remove “Activate your windows” message

Hello friends. Duplicates cannot compete with originals. It is also true when we talk about softwares. I am talking about windows. Yes So many persons are using duplicate windows in their system by using free windows activation process. After some time A message diplays “Activate your windows”. And gradually their systems start to do bad and bad. So I advice you that please purchase original windows key for activation.

But If you want some “jugad” until you purchase your original key then Here is the best solution for free windows activation. It will remove your message “Activate your windows” for a very long time without using any software.

Here are the Steps to Follow for Free Window Activation :


(1) Open this url

(2) Copy the entire texts from that page and paste the whole texts in a notepad file.

(3) Save as the file with any name but extension must be “.cmd”

free windows activation

(4) After saving the file, run it as “run as administrator”.

(5) It will take 10 to 20 minutes according your computer speed to activate your window. You can activate any window like window 7,8,10.

(6) Enjoy.

Note : It is temporary solution, so I advice you again to purchase original window key.

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