LukeTypingPro Features

(1) I have taught complete Hindi and English typing lessons by using LukeTypingPro Software on my Youtube Channel technoguruamit.

you tubetechnoguruamit

Click Here for watching all the Typing Lesson videos in Hindi and English.

Visit the official Website of LukeTypingPro Software

(2) There are 18 – 18 practice sets and 37-37 articles in Both Languages(Hindi-English) for Your easy learning.

(3) We have a special feature, which will be not available in any other typing software, that is “Online Mock Typing Test”. By Using this feature you can give online typing test and by submitting your result, you can check your positions among all other users who have also given the test.

online mock typing test button

To know more about “Online Mock Typing Test”. Click Here.

(4) You can select time from 1 minute to 30 minutes for typing practice.

luketypingpro maxtimes

(5) These parameters are counted for the Final Result.

(A) Net Key Strokes

(B) Deleted Keys

(C) Gross Word Per Minute

(D) Net Word Per Minute

(E) Accuracy in percentage

luketypingpro result

(6) You can Check or Uncheck a box for using and not using Backspace in the practice.

luketypingpro backspace


(7) You can switch between Line to Line and Paragraph mode during practice.

luketypingpro linebyline

(8) You can set your own font size and Font family for the Practice.

luketypingpro setfont

(9) You can Paste your Own test in “My content” Section for Typing Practice.

luketypingpro mycontent

(10) You can save your results and can watch and print any time.

luketypingpro saveresults

(11) You will be informed by a beep sound whenever you make a mistake and the concerned text turns red.

(12) You can Pause and Resume any current Test by clicking just on a button.

luketypingpro pause test

(13) You can Mute beep sound by checking or unchecking the checkbox like this.

luketypingpro mute error sound

(14) In version 1.8, You can give all Online mock tests one by one.

luketypingpro access all mock tests

(15) In most of exams and dail life..Numerical Typing is very important so There are 4 special exercises to practice numerical typing on keyboard.

typing software luketypingpro

More coming in Update 2.0 very soon.